Due diligence support

We are able to carry out extensive research and risk analysis of an individual or company based on reputation, integrity, litigation, geographical locality, sanctions and PEP status. This is achieved through open-source analysis, including use of specialist due diligence databases and access to a network of professional contacts in regional jurisdictions.

Political, economic and cultural analysis

We conduct analysis of changing geopolitical and economic dynamics and how they impact an individual company’s ongoing and potential business interests in the region in terms of both risk and opportunity. We provide companies with a thorough understanding of the local environment in which they currently work or plan to work in the future, which is crucial to any business’s success in a foreign jurisdiction. We use our extensive insight into local politics, economics and culture in order to  provide bespoke reports for business seeking new ventures in the region, providing expert risk analysis and ways of mitigating these risks.

Project support and development

We can provide ongoing support and development assistance for companies working on projects in the region, from conceptual to completion stage. This might include consulting on project design, coordinating programmes locally and liaising with in-country stakeholders on behalf of the client.

Translation services

We offer high quality Arabic-English and English-Arabic translation services, covering a wide range of subject matter from emails and memos to legal and technical documents. Our access to native translators enables us to provide a quick and flawless service at competitive prices.